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A Great Movie With A Terrible Ending – “No Country For Old Men”

Posted in movies & movie reviews by Greg Bellan on February 5, 2008

chewie’s review of “no country for old men”

before i start this review, i need to inform you that i’m a bit biased… i’m a person that needs the END of a movie to be good in order for me to deem the movie a success. i’m not saying it needs to be a happy ending by any stretch, but the ending needs to tie the movie up.

that being said, this movie was great, but the ending was fucking terrible and ruined the entire experience in my opinion. i’m sure there is some movie mastery going on here that i’m supposed to “get” but if that’s the case then i completely missed it.

the story is actually very interesting — Llewelyn Moss runs across a drug bust gone bad and then all hell breaks loose. the killer in this flick is INCREDIBLE and deserves his oscar nomination. the movie contains some great action sequences and the killer’s got some intense weaponry as well. certainly worth seeing the movie just for his performance.

all told though, i just can’t get past the ending. to me, it seemed that the movie was going along great for about an hour and a half and then the writer just plain ran out of ideas and had to end the movie. no conclusion, no closure, no ending.

sad sad sad. i’d have to give this one a thumbs down based on the last 15 minutes of the movie. great cast, great action, better weapons… crappy ending.