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231.0 – Down 6.5

Posted in diet, movies & movie reviews, my life, weigh in, weight loss by Greg Bellan on February 12, 2009

I have yet to miss a day at the gym since I made this change (weekday that is).  This is part of my day.

I’ve been doing 30 minutes on the bike/elliptical and then 20-30 on the other.  I did have one day where I did a straight hour on the elliptical and while it wasn’t impossible I like the change.

I’ve been watching movies on my iPod when I’m doing this so it’s actually pretty enjoyable.  Of course since I’m a web geek I’m writing reviews of everything I’m watching.

I’m currently re-watching V The Original Miniseries so there will be a review of that in the future.

I’m feeling good about my weight loss but I can’t seem to shake the thought that if I was doing Atkins on top of this I’d be further along right now.  Time will tell.


A Movie That Did Not Dissapoint – “Vantage Point”

Posted in movies & movie reviews by Greg Bellan on March 5, 2008

The movie “Vantage Point” has been getting some pretty bad reviews but I still had high hopes for it — here’s my review that was originally posted at — enjoy!

chewie’s review of “vantage point”

saying that this movie is “the best movie of the year” is kind of a stupid statement in the month of february – but i very well may say the same thing in the month of december.

this was an absolutely incredible movie! a great way of telling the story with some great actors turning in outstanding performances. while this movie certainly will not win any awards for specific actor’s when viewed as a whole it’s almost a masterpiece.

without ruining anything, the story is about an assassination on the president of the united states. the entire movie takes place in about 15 minutes “real time” but is shown over and over again from different “vantage points” – get it? it’s not just a catchy title smile.gif

after first viewing the scene, you think you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going on. after the second viewing you’re confused, after the third more so and so on and so on. until you get to the final viewing and all of the pieces fit nicely into place.

for fans of action movies you’ll have plenty here. a pretty high body count with an absolutely OUTSTANDING car chase thrown in for good measure. for the thinking man, this flick is full of more twists and turns than television’s lost (with a great performance by none other than dr. jack crawford!) dennis quaid turns in a great showing as an aging secret serviceman, sigourney weaver is great as the controller of the local tv station and forrest whitaker is great in just about everything he’s in. the “bad guy” (sorry i don’t know his name) is great except for his lack of screentime.

the only really bad thing that i can say is there is some “believability” issues in here. i understand that we need to “suspend disbelief” when we go to the movies but forrest whitaker’s character in particular has some huge holes in it — i have no idea why his character would do what he does throughout the whole flick.

the way the story is told is absolutely superb. i thought i’d get annoyed watching essentially the same story over and over again but it was done in such a way that you really forget that you’re watching the same sequence of events again. because of this “choppy” way of storytelling, you won’t see any individual acting awards for this flick (just cause each person isn’t really on screen enough to warrant it) but you very well may see the film get some awards come next movie season.

all in all, an outstanding flick — highly recommended. i had high hopes for this one and i was not disappointed.

A Great Movie With A Terrible Ending – “No Country For Old Men”

Posted in movies & movie reviews by Greg Bellan on February 5, 2008

chewie’s review of “no country for old men”

before i start this review, i need to inform you that i’m a bit biased… i’m a person that needs the END of a movie to be good in order for me to deem the movie a success. i’m not saying it needs to be a happy ending by any stretch, but the ending needs to tie the movie up.

that being said, this movie was great, but the ending was fucking terrible and ruined the entire experience in my opinion. i’m sure there is some movie mastery going on here that i’m supposed to “get” but if that’s the case then i completely missed it.

the story is actually very interesting — Llewelyn Moss runs across a drug bust gone bad and then all hell breaks loose. the killer in this flick is INCREDIBLE and deserves his oscar nomination. the movie contains some great action sequences and the killer’s got some intense weaponry as well. certainly worth seeing the movie just for his performance.

all told though, i just can’t get past the ending. to me, it seemed that the movie was going along great for about an hour and a half and then the writer just plain ran out of ideas and had to end the movie. no conclusion, no closure, no ending.

sad sad sad. i’d have to give this one a thumbs down based on the last 15 minutes of the movie. great cast, great action, better weapons… crappy ending.

The 4th Installment Of A Great Franchise – RAMBO

Posted in movies & movie reviews by Greg Bellan on January 29, 2008

chewie’s review of “rambo”

went to see the latest installment of rambo this afternoon and though i’d fill you folks in.

for an action movie this was pretty damn good. it was ultra violent even by rambo standards. big explosions, TONS of blood and gore and some great kills.

i completely forget the storyline of rambo iii so i can’t really comment on continuity, but it seemed to me that THIS story just kind of picked up from nowhere. john’s living near burma doing odd jobs as a snake tamer, blacksmith, etc. some good-doers want to hire good ol rambo to take them upstream to burma and that’s when things get good.

from a storyline perspective there’s not a whole lot here (though after first blood this series really wasn’t about the story) essentially, rambo’s on a mission to save some people from the bad guys (where have we seen this before) that being said, there are some new twists that we haven’t seen in the series.

it’s a very quick movie (only running about an hour and a half) and the end just seems to come up. no real buildup but before you know it you’re in the final scene. couple of BRUTAL kills in here (including one that you see in the trailer that is better on the big screen) they even do a decent job of some of the rambo backstory though i would have liked to have seen something more in that arena.

i have to say — sly is in INCREDIBLE shape. the fact that he’d even take on this roll after so many years says something about him.. i’m just not sure what it says.

overall a nice little action movie… definitely not for the kids but a GREAT way to spend a guy afternoon. (didn’t hurt that this was a $5 movie with free popcorn thrown in)

It’s been a while but I’m back… review of “transformers”

Posted in movies & movie reviews, news by Greg Bellan on September 28, 2007

If you look back a few posts you’ll see that I was pretty jazzed (no pun intended) about seeing the new Mike Bay Transformers flick. Well I saw it when it was in the theatre and have to say that it was outstanding! Here’s a review that I wrote for — hope you like it!


chewie’s review of “transformers”

ok… will take this step by step and try not to spoil the story. please keep in mind that i saw this in a DLP theatre so it was essentially like watching a high definition version of the movie.

first off… this is NOT a kids movie. yeah yeah yeah, i know that it’s based on the kids toys from the early 80’s but this is a serious action movie (or as serious as one can get basing a story on robots from another planet that transform into other objects)

this LOOKS like a michael bay movie from the beginning. for those of you that aren’t familiar with his work, he directed bad boys, the rock, armageddon & pearl harbor. (also note that i’m super excited that the next movie has already been approved for 2009)

if you’re looking for the cartoon storyline you’re going to be dissapointed. gone is the story of the matrix of leadership and the cybertronian wars. while they do make reference to cybertron the reason that they are on earth to begin with is completely different from the cartoon storylines. i won’t go into it here, but suffice to say it’s pretty much just a macguffin.

the transformers – overall i think they looked great. there actually aren’t THAT many characters in the movie. of course you’ve got optimus prime, bumblebee, megatron & starscream, but you’re missing some of my favorites including soundwave (who i hear is going to be in the next flick). the transformation sequences are done REALLY well and you even get to hear the tell-tale transform noise a couple of times.

they brought back peter cullen as the voice of optimus prime which is SO FUCKING COOL ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. yes, i’m a geek and a fanboy, but it was so worth it.

the humans

Shia LaBeouf plays an awesome character though it seems as if he’s talking in fucking warp speed for most of the movie. i’m guessing that his character is based on “spike” from the cartoons, but the link is never clearly made.

Megan Fox is fucking SMOKING and get hotter as the damn movie goes on. i woudl LOVE to be the dude that’s in charge of spraying her with water so it appears as if she’s sweating… are you fucking kidding me? hot

Josh Duhamel (danny from nbc’s las vegas) was in there to get the teenie bopper girl fans. his particular story line was pretty overdone if you ask me – hence the reason we’ve got a 2.5 hour plus action movie – but i’m a fan of las vegas so i was pulling for the character.

Rachael Taylor is in the movie pretty much just to be hot i think… nuff said.

visuals – as i said before it looked like a mike bay flick and overall it looked awesome. the battle scenes were done really well, and there was nothing “toyish” about the transformers themselves. the one BIG BITCH that i had about the movie was some of the camera angles. the last battle scene is about 30-40 minutes long – and it’s shot with the “shaky camera” (think the first 20 minutes of saving private ryan and you’ve got it). it was so bad that i actually had to look away at one point, but that MAY have been due to the theatre i was in.

ok, i’ve rambled on long enough, but i’d give this flick a STRONG 4/5 stars… well worth the $$$, especially if you were a fan of a the cartoon (though definitely not necessary)

Voice Actors Frank Welker and Peter Cullen Reunited

Posted in movies & movie reviews by Greg Bellan on June 6, 2007

The TRANSFORMERS!!! I tell you, this movie actually looks completely different than I thought it would have… I figured it would be very childish, but from the trailers that I’ve seen, it looks pretty intense.

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Love written in the ‘Stars’

Posted in movies & movie reviews by Greg Bellan on June 6, 2007

This is kind of crazy – I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, but I’m not really sure that Amanda would have gone for this… In fact, I’m not sure that I would be able to hang if she were as big a Star Wars geek as I am.


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