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Friday 8/22/08 – 225.0 – 16.0 lbs To Goal

Posted in 209 By 2009, diet, weigh in, weight loss by Greg Bellan on August 22, 2008
Stomach is still really bothering me this morning. Not sure why. However, I have GREAT news… down 6 lbs from last week! I can’t even tell you how nervous I was to get on the scale this morning. Was a complete relief to see that 2-2-5. It’s GREAT to see some positive progress.

  • none

  • seafood salad from Subway (lettuce, spinach, black olives, yellow peppers, “seafood”, pickles, mayo)
  • fountain Diet Pepsi

Stomach is still REALLY upset. I’m hoping that this is just the normal “Atkins Tummy Ache” that I’ve experienced in the past but I don’t remember it lasting nearly this long. Not only that but I’ve been eating relatively carb-free for a while now… normally it starts at the beginning.

  • thin white pizza (tomato, cheese & basil) – one of Amanda’s best dishes!
  • Miller Lite x2
  • chips and home made salsa

  • coffee x2
  • handful of peanuts
  • M&M’s
  • double cheeseburgers (no bun) x 2
  • 5 piece nugget x2

Probably shouldn’t have had the M&Ms but I decided to celebrate.

  • took the boys for a walk on the golf course.


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