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Diet… Day 1

Posted in weight loss by Greg Bellan on June 7, 2007

As I said before, I’m fat, out of shape and sick of it.  As of this AM, I’m starting on a modified Atkins diet – no carbs.  By modified, I mean I’m not going to eat all the garbage that that diet allows you to eat all the time (i.e. bacon, eggs, etc.)  I WILL however, cut out all necessary carbs (bread, pasta, etc.).

 Went to lunch today with my brother and got a dozen buffalo wings and a diet coke. 


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  1. Lady Rose said, on June 7, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    Welcome to the first day of getting healthy!!

    I’m glad you are modifiying the Atkins – the bacon and fat is really a bit much.

    I tried it once – but for me, I gained a ton of weight, then I tried the really strict version in the Atkins book (just 1 oz of cream cheese or 10 macadamian nuts for a meal) – but didn’t loose anything. I finally contacted their office directly – I was told in no under ceratin terms to NOT cut out carbs (cutting out carbs shuts down the metabolism) — and to eat lots of veggies (with a little fruit). When I told my friend who swore by Atkins, she was very surprised.

    I think Atkins works ok for some folks. My philosophy whatever works stick with it, if not find something else.

    Currently I follow my own diet (approved by my doctor). I’ve lost over 80 so far (only 70ish more to go!). Lady Rose

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