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This Guy Just Doesn’t Stop

Posted in scams, snowplow by Greg Bellan on December 14, 2010

BEWARE: if you’re living in Ohio in the towns of Solon, Twinsburg, Aurora, Glenwillow, or surrounding areas and you’ve entered into a contract with a gentlemen named Randall or Randy Woolfork you are potentially being scammed.  This year, he’s working under two company names:

Snowplow Guys #216-256-3764 or
Empire Snow Removal # 440-989-0120

I’m not currently a customer but I’ve been fucked in the past and this blog is proof not only that he screwed me a few years ago, but continues to do the same thing to people today.  Check out my original post here and make sure you read all the COMMENTS!

Don’t say you haven’t been warned!


Plan In Place… Time For Results

Posted in diet, weigh in, weight loss by Greg Bellan on March 1, 2010

I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time now.  As of last night, I’ve got a plan in place to fix it.  Now that I’ve got a definitive plan I’m very optimistic about the potential for success.  I weighed 227.0 this morning and I’m hoping that if I stick to what I’ve laid out below I’ll be well on my way to sub 200!

The Plan

  1. Limit carbs to less than 30 grams per day
  2. Workout at least 3 days per week
  3. No snacking after 9:00 PM
  4. At least 5 glasses of water per day
  5. Eat breakfast every day

Time will tell if this will be a successful plan, but I think it addresses quite a few things that have kept me from being successful in the past.

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A New Day…

Posted in diet, weight loss by Greg Bellan on August 28, 2009

Over three years ago, I quit dipping.  It nearly killed me but I attacked that challenge and I’ve stuck to it. One of the side effect of quitting nicotine for some people is weight gain.  I can say that I’m definitely in that group.  Since I’ve quit I’ve put on a good 25 lbs or so – and I was overweight when I quit.  If you’ve read any of the previous posts on this blog you’ll see that I’ve been struggling with this for quite a while.  Some successes, some failures.

Tonight I’m sick of thinking about it.  I’m sick of obsessing.  It’s time for a change.  I need to lose at least 30 lbs (probably 40) and I’m starting now.

My wife doesn’t believe me when I tell her – nor should she.  Like with dip before, I’ve said this before.  Not sure what is going to make this time different but it is.  Maybe that’s why I’m writing – to see it.

The title of this post is significant… back when I quit dipping I was keeping a journal.  The title of the entry the day I finally quit dipping?  “A new day”.  Here’s to the first day of  the rest of healthy life.

Frustration Setting In

Posted in diet, my life, weight loss by Greg Bellan on March 2, 2009

A month ago I made a huge change in my life… I decided that it was time to lose some weight and get much healthier.  At the time I was eating a bunch of garbage, drinking too much beer and doing essentially nothing physically (other than chasing my kids around).  Since then I’ve been to the gym every week day morning.  I’ve stopped eating the garbage and I’ve cut WAY back on my beer intake.

Right off the bat I dropped 10 lbs.  GREAT!!!  This program is working.  Then I had a bad weekend where I gained a couple of pounds back… oh no, here we go again.  I REFUSE to go back to my old ways.  Stopping at McDonald’s on the way to work to get 4 sausage McMuffins simply isn’t the way to live.

I’m going to keep plugging along cause I figure that being at the gym every morning is a hell of a lot better than being at the drive through.  Just wish I would continue to get the results that I got in the first month.  Not sure what else I should be doing here.  As I said before, this is now just part of my day so there isn’t an option of not getting up to go to the gym.  Sorry for the rambling… just wanted to vent.

231.0 – Down 6.5

Posted in diet, movies & movie reviews, my life, weigh in, weight loss by Greg Bellan on February 12, 2009

I have yet to miss a day at the gym since I made this change (weekday that is).  This is part of my day.

I’ve been doing 30 minutes on the bike/elliptical and then 20-30 on the other.  I did have one day where I did a straight hour on the elliptical and while it wasn’t impossible I like the change.

I’ve been watching movies on my iPod when I’m doing this so it’s actually pretty enjoyable.  Of course since I’m a web geek I’m writing reviews of everything I’m watching.

I’m currently re-watching V The Original Miniseries so there will be a review of that in the future.

I’m feeling good about my weight loss but I can’t seem to shake the thought that if I was doing Atkins on top of this I’d be further along right now.  Time will tell.

233 – Down 4.5

Posted in weigh in, weight loss by Greg Bellan on February 5, 2009

Went to the gym for the 4th time this week this AM.  This is now my routine.  It’s a part of my day.  For years I’ve been struggling with my weight and it’s FINALLY time to do something about it.

I’m feeling good but I’m worried that the weight loss that I’m seeing isn’t going to stick.  For quite a while now I’ve been up and down.  I would normally go on Atkins for a couple of days/weeks, lose weight and then it would come right back.  This time I’m not.

  • I stopped going to McDonalds for breakfast.  Can’t wolf down 4 sausage McMuffins on the way to the gym.
  • I no longer stop on the way home from work for a “snack”.  That’s just stupid.
  • I’m trying to eat better at lunch.  Actually, lunch has never really been a problem for me but I’m trying to do well anyhow.
  • I’m trying not to snack at night.  I go home, eat dinner and then I’m done.
  • Beer – haven’t stopped for that “after work beer” all week.

I get to the gym every morning (barring snow/traffic) by 7:00 AM.  I ride the bike or run on the elliptical for an hour, take a shower and I’m at work by 8:30 AM.  Question now is what kind of “program” should I be on…

Another “First Day” – 237.5

Posted in diet, weigh in, weight loss by Greg Bellan on February 2, 2009

I’m fat… and I hate it.  I woke up this morning after my Steeler’s won their 6th world championship and decided to make a change.  I headed to the gym and rode the bike for a half hour and then did another 15 minutes on the eliptical machine.  I’m going to try and make this a part of my regular routine – otherwise I just won’t do it.

I’ve been saying for years that I’m goign to lose weight and I’m convinced that unless I make it part of my day it will never get done.

Here’s to a new day… one day at a time.

Monday 8/25/08 – Such A Stupid Decision

Posted in 209 By 2009, diet, weight loss by Greg Bellan on August 25, 2008

  • sausage McMuffin no egg x4
  • Diet Pepsi

I’ve really dug myself a hole for the week now.  I just couldn’t pass up on the McDonald’s this morning.  No excuse.  Knew how dumb it was when I pulled in.  Was hungry and late leaving the house so I couldn’t grab something at home.  Dumb dumb dumb.



  • coffee x1


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Sunday 8/24/08

Posted in 209 By 2009, diet, weight loss by Greg Bellan on August 24, 2008

  • a couple of scrambled eggs with cheese
  • coffee

It was a beautiful morning and we ate out on the patio. This summer has been so beautiful. We didn’t have one day over 90 in the month of July. The last couple of weeks have actually felt like a warm fall… it’s been great!

  • corned beef sandwich
  • diet Pepsi
  • water
  • pickles

Went to the Chicago Deli this afternoon for lunch. Had my standard corned beef sandwich which was awesome as usual. I probably should have passed on the bread but I decided to have a treat. I’m starting to think that the corned beef is triggering my heartburn though… I hate to say that but after two times in a row having a bit of heartburn afterward I’m not sure that I can come to another conclusion.


  • a couple of small pieces of cold pizza (Donatos thin crust)

  • went for a walk through the Metro Parks with Amanda and the boys.

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Saturday – 8/23/08

Posted in 209 By 2009, diet, weight loss by Greg Bellan on August 23, 2008

Let’s see… Mom had a massage this AM so I had the boys which was awesome.  By the time we got done with breakfast it was time to get in the car to meet Mom up at the pool.  We had a great time at the pool!  I had a cheeseburger with fries but gave most of the fries to G.  No pop to speak of, but I did have a couple of lemonade’s which I imagine was not carb free.

After pool, it was time for naps for the boys and I had a poker game.  Before the game I had some chips & leftover home made salsa.  I didn’t really eat a ton at the poker game but what I did eat was not good — chips & cheese sauce, pizza rolls, etc.  Oh yeah… and beer.

Back at it again tomorrow.